Dave Ostrowski – bass

Dave Ostrowski – bass guitar, bass pedals, vocals


Exposure to flamboyant theatrics, British humor, and light opera began at five years old, when Dave’s parents (both gifted vocalists) founded a Gilbert and Sullivan company. A lifelong musician (voice, electric bass, acoustic and electric guitar, clarinet, tenor sax, tuba), Dave studied music production, engineering, and majored in composition at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. On electric bass, Dave played in rock bands in high school, learning the standard rock repertoire; at Berklee that evolved into immersiving himself in progressive rock, fusion, and a love of late romantic and early 20th century classical music. Dave played with a project called Yesessions, a group of rabid Yes fan/musicians who got together simply to play the music of Yes…. just because. For Dave, joining Downing Grey in 2011 has been “musically spectacular”, because his passion for detail has found its home, playing music he loves.

Contact: dave [AT] downinggreymusic [DOT] com
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